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Below are some of our past, present, and future projects.
We're always looking for more stuff to do, so if you have an idea for a print, web, or video project contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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Current Projects
DEAD TO ME Tour Video

DEAD TO ME: Wait For It

Client(s): Dead To Me
Project type: Video (Tour Documentary)
I caught a ride back to Phoenix from last year's FEST with San Francisco punks Dead To Me and filmed their shows every night as they toured their way home (right on the heels of an extensive European tour). The video will include 8 of their shows from The FEST in Florida to Phoenix and paint a candid picture of the band and what it's like to be a bunch of badasses "riding around in a tin can" to "go play a punk show in another city" every night.


A Journey To Fest 7:


Project type: Video (Music Video)
Fested: A Journey To Fest 7 Official Site
FESTED is a feature length documentary about The Fest, an annual weekend-long punk festival held in Gainesville, Florida, currently on its 8th year running.
The film was shot by Blue Elephant Media during Fest 7 last year (in association with National Underground) and features exclusive interviews, performances, and who-knows-what from over 20 bands, in the spirit of Penelope Spheeris's The Decline of Western Civilization series. It stars Gainesville local favorites SPANISH GAMBLE (formerly DIRTY MONEY) and British rock band OK PILOT (who recently released a split 7" record with DIRTY MONEY on Failsafe Records and traveled from the UK to meet them and play The Fest) and follows their journey of playing one of the most badass festivals in the world, which some have called the 'last home of true punk rock'.


Client(s): Hour of the Wolf, Slut Sister
Project type: Video (DVD)
This split DVD, released February 2009 by Blue Elephant Media, features:
-SLUT SISTER's debut music video, "God Bless Our Dead Marines" (produced by Blue Elephant Media), and their self-released EP, Raw Meat (produced by studio legend Bob Hoag).
-HOUR OF THE WOLF's (extremely badass) live concert at Fest 7 in Gainesville, FL.
-Animated menus, chapter selection, and more.

Purchase information coming soon.

Blue Elephant Hookah & Subculture Magazine:

Client(s): Blue Elephant Media
Project type: Web/Print
Blue Elephant's flagship publication! The first magazine for hookah smokers, by hookah smokers.

Blue Elephant Hookah & Subsculture was launched as a web-only monthly publication in March, 2008. It features information, tips, tricks, and news about the world of hookah, along with music, humor, and subculture related content.

The magazine was discontinued in June 2009 but the two published issues can still be found here:
Blue Elephant Hookah & Subculture Magazine.

HOUR OF THE WOLF "Live at Fest 7" Concert Video:

Hour Of The Wolf LIVE @ Fest 7 from Blue Elephant on Vimeo.

Client(s): Hour of the Wolf
Project type: Video (Concert Video)
This 16 minute edited concert video of Prescott, AZ band HOUR OF THE WOLF playing an awesome set at Fest 7 was filmed by Reese Lester of Blue Elephant Media back in November, 2008. We decided to edit it from their raw 30-minute set into a consistent, stylized concert video to create the split DVD with SLUT SISTER.
The video features five original songs performed by HOUR OF THE WOLF:
-"Black Blood"
-"Spit It Right Back"
-"Eat You Alive"
-Another new song
It also has plenty of extra material including a cover of BLACK FLAG's "Fix Me".

SLUT SISTER "God Bless Our Dead Marines" Music Video:

Client(s): Slut Sister
Project type: Video (Music Video)
We made this 2:07 minute music video for Phoenix metal band SLUT SISTER. Completed in two days' shooting on a very limited budget, the video features SLUT SISTER playing the title song live at the Palo Verde, set to the story of two marines bursting into the home of an innocent American couple and interrogating, torturing, and executing them.

WESTCOTT AVENUE "Hopeless Romantic" Music Video:

Client(s): Westcott Avenue
Project type: Video (Music Video)
This 4:43 minute music video for Glendale, AZ pop-punk band Westcott Avenue was the first music video we produced.


Upcoming Projects

Currently no upcoming projects.